A bout myself, my fellow tour guides and drivers team.

Mr. Jermsak ( Chiang Rai tour guide )

I am an 18 years experienced local tour guide in Chiang Rai, also Chiang mai and am from a Hill tribe village, Hmong. I grew up in the village on the mountain and left for schooling and lived in an Orphanage ( Happy home) in the city since I was 8 until 20 years old. Not every of us could attend the University because there were 70 Orphans together ( only the very smart one). Even though I was not smart in school but English was my favorite subject. I was enjoy it in the most of my times in school. After High school I always wanted to keep practice it for use, that’s the reason I joined a tour guide training course and doing this job with love not just for earning the income.

Our service slogan is We provide the service which we expect as if we are tourists 5 star hotel service,Guest house rate.

We are providing you a friendly service and treat every single of you as our best client and good friend.

Our guide team are with over 10 years experienced guides in the northernPart of Thailand.

1. Mr. Jermsak
2. Mr. Kaoching
3. Ms. Pam
4. Mr.Sing
5.Ms. Sandy

Charity activity
We promise a very impressive experience joining a charity activity.
I am not forget those who are still in the orphanage.

What we are doing is :
We will save 5 % from every proper tour and package tour profit and will use them as a special scholarship funds for any children who wish to keep their education on to the University or college. For their Tuition, equipments, lunch etc.

What you can do is :
If any one would interesting to visit an Orphanage we would be very glad to provide a free transportation if your hotel is in the city not over 5 KM. You could buy them some supplies or give them some little money fund for their food or other supplies will be very much appreciated.

Touching a sincerely warm welcome through some beautiful song and dancing performance. Enjoy singing and dancing or playing games with The Orphanage children.

We are normally taking people to 2 Orphanages.

1. The El Shadai “ For hill tribe Children”. There are 15 Children.
2. The Bethany Children’s home. There are 29 Children.

The El Shadai “ For hill tribe Children”
(The picture will be coming soon)

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