Visit White temple/Black Artist house, visit Yao, Akha and Lisu villages. The KMT Chinese village and their biggest tea plantation.

08.30-18.00 hrs

Depart hotel and drive 15-20 minutes south to the White Temple, then drive 30 minutes up north to the Black Artist’s house. Continue 1 hour drive up to a Yao tribe village, then 15 minutes to a Lisu and Akha villages. Drive 15 minutes further up to the biggest KMT Chinese refugee and enjoy the wide green tea plantation on the hill terrace side. It ‘s really a breath taken place.

1.1 ( Tour attraction 1.1 and 2 )
Discover an authentic undeveloped and none tourist Tibetan Origin Lahu tribe village and other hill tribe villages on Doi Maesalong.

08.30 – 17.00 hrs

Depart hotel and drive 50 minutes up along the Maekok river by the Karen village and their elephant camp, part of the drive on an off beaten track to a less tourist region area then continue walk on a wooden Suspension bridge with truly fantastic panorama view and picturesque. Walk 15 minute further on a dirt track to visit an authentic undeveloped Lahu tribal village who were once the expert in Opium cultivating and producing. Returning back the way to Chiang Rai then heading up north - west for 1 hour to a Chinese origin, Yao tribe village. Visit a natural hot spring on the way. Drive 20 minutes to 2 more Chinese and Tibetan origin tribal villages, Lisu and Akha. Continue 15 minutes further drive up to the biggest KMT Chinese nationalist troop refugee and earn their living from Their famous Uo long Chinese tea plantation and factory. Sample some good Chinese tea before return back to Chiang Rai.