One day Laos excursion trip with a proper Laos visa.

07.00-17.30 hrs

Depart hotel and drive 1 hour and a half to Chiang Khong. After your passport check through the Thai immigration we take a ferry across the Mekhong river to Laos for also passport check through Laos immigration, Then take a local taxi out of the city to the country side for an authentic and under developed Hmong village, visit and learn some of their tradition and culture. Drive on to a near by neighboring Laos village. Continue drive 15 Minutes on to The Laos fresh market before return back to the immigration and cross back to Thailand. Visit a Black Thai hand weaving village before drive 1 hour and a half back to Chiang Rai.

Remark : A day trip into Myanmar your passport is need and your Thailand Visa will be valid only 15 days after that . So if your original Thailand visa more than 15 days please inform us.

Note : To visit Laos, US$ 30-35 ( depends on which nationality) is need for your Laos Visa, if you do not have US$ 30-35 you can also pay in some Thai Baht.