Discover the old ruins city Chiang Saen, The Mongolian/ Chi-nese origin tribe, Hmong, a Khmu tribe village, a Black Thai home weaving village.

08.30-17.30 hrs

Depart hotel and drive 1 hour up north to Chiang Sae. Discover and trace the prehistory ancient Thai people’s migration trails and settlement at some old magnificent Thai temples dated back to the 7th to 12th centuries that are scattering around in the ancient Chiang Saen city. Ancient Chiang Saen sits dreaming sleepily on the banks of the mighty Mae Khong river. Who would ever imagine its former days of power and glory. Driving a long the Mekhong river with a real fantastic view of Laos country side for 45 minutes to an authentic Hmong tribe village, visit and learn some of their tradition and culture. Drive on to a near by neighboring tribe village, Khmu the real northern Thailand native people. Drive through the Laos border town, Chiang Khong The Gate to Indo China. Visit a Black Thai hand weaving village before drive 1 hour and a half back to Chiang Rai.