White temple & khunkorn waterfall, Buddhist meditation center cave and White Karen village, Elephant camp (ride), Akha & Lahu hill tribe villages.

08.30 – 17.00 hrs

Depart otel and drive southward on the road No. 1 of Thailand for 15 minutes to the white Temple, a really impressive temple that you must visit, for it’s a truly unique white with very fine art details that has been built by one of the most Thailand’s famous artists whose home town is in that village of Chiang Rai. Continue drive out to the Khunkorn national park and hike on the little walking path along a clear stream through the real tropical rain forest for 20 minutes to the highest waterfall 70 m. ( It’s a hard physical challenging trail for some older age unfit adults) The Khunkorn waterfall in Chiang Rai. Continue 20 minutes drive to explore a real Buddhist meditation and retreat center cave, Wat Doi Kong Khao. Where you will see only local people around with their Buddhist Religious activities. If you are not a bat scared person, here is a very good place to have a close experience with bats flying around you. Continue 25 minutes drive up to the white Karen tribe village where also many different tribes are settle for sell their hand-crafts to earn their living. (take a 1 hour elephant ride on a little trail across hill, Paddy rice fields, and Going up and down not steep hill and in to the river for 10 minutes ) then drive in a car to visiting to Akha and a lahu tribal villages before return back to hotel.